RPMAC is an inverter duty motor selection program
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Baldor Electric Company

RPMAC is an inverter duty motor selection program that provides the desired inputs and receives a customized motor design that matches the application requirements.
For custom motor requirements not found in the catalog, the WIZARD allows you to input exact values of altitude, ambient, base speed, wide constant HP speed ranges, enclosure, voltage, continuous torque and overload torque. The output includes: motor frame size, inverter kva, and motor amps. The RPM AC Motor Wizard also allows the user to optimize the motor-drive combination to create the lowest cost, highest performance solutions. You can immediately print typical performance data curves and motor, conduit
box and encoder typical dimensions.

The Wizard automatically assists in motor configuration/selection by taking into consideration
the operating characteristics of the motor, as well as inter-relationships of environmental, operational, and user-imposed limitations.

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